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Holding Company with large Tax Loss for Sale / merge

Thanks to the United States Federal Government this corporation has an $11 million dollar TAX LOSS.

We intend to comply with any and all tax laws. 

We do not have the taxable income to off-set this Tax Loss, so we need to marry-up with someone who is paying lots of taxes.

One Stockholder controls over 80% ownership.

We want to use the entire Tax Loss in one year if possible.

We want 35% on the dollar - $3,850,000.


Tax Loss consists of the following:

$1,805,573.00 Capital Stock Loss

$35,124.00 Schedule 8 - ITC Carryback

$1,922,594.00 Schedule 9 - NOL

$83,615.39 Tax Refund Check

$6,388,031.00 Per Court Filings

$10,986,636.39 Total Tax Loss


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Bob Moore

Phone 580-695-0331


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